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USR Pilot/PalmPilot Links
The Linux/Microcontroller Project

The Linux/Microcontroller project is a port of the Linux 2.0 to systems without a Memory Management Unit. At present, only Motorola MC68000 derivatives are supported. The first target system to sucessfully boot is the 3Com PalmPilot with a TRG SuperPilot Board and a custom boot loader they put together specifically for the Linux/PalmPilot port.

Land-J Technologies

Land-J Technologies is a consulting and programming business, both contract and general-use programs, currently specializing in application development for the 3Com PalmPilot Personal Digital Assistant. In the links above, you'll find the listings of some of our software, as well as downloadable versions for you to try out.

Pilot Software Development

Includes development resources for the PalmPilot and Windows CE

Palmgear - formerly PilotGear H.Q.
Volksware, Inc.

Volksware, Inc. is a publishing, consulting, and professional services firm specializing in the areas of mobile computing, wireless communication, the Internet, and Web publishing.

Nerd's Heaven: The Software Directory Directory
TKM Other PILOT Links
Bikini, The bicycle computer for your PalmPilot
The GpsPilot pages
Chapura, Inc. PilotMirror - The PalmPilot conduit for Outlook 97
Welcome to NimbleFeet Technologies

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